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Lori. 30+. Born and raised in Michigan. Reader. Writer. Fangirl. Music lover. Cooking is a passion. Blue. Black. Silver/Grey. Movies. TV. Muscle cars. Peanut Butter Cookies. Poetry. Superheroes. Art. Painting. Winter. Steak Burritos. Pizza. Pasta. Disney. Rain showers. Books. Gardening. Detroit Tigers.

Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
- Walt Disney

Transformative works: It's highly flattering that someone would be moved by my words. I give permission for podfics (although I don't listen to them), remixes, art, icons, fanmixes, translations, and works inspired by my own works. I would love to receive a link to the finished product. I ask that links to my works not be sent to the actors, authors, musicians and the like that the story is from or based on, thank you.

twitter // listography: Lori // Trusted Hearts // Seventh Sanctum // Cure Writer's Block

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10 items or less, 30 rock, all my children, army wives, ashley tisdale, betty suarez, blair/dan, blake shelton, blood ties, books, burn notice, carmen electra, cartoons, castle, charlie crews, chuck, chuck/dan, community, cooking, dani reese, daniel meade, dean winchester, derek venturi, derek/casey, detroit tigers, dirty sexy money, dollhouse, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, drop dead diva, edwin/lizzie, eliot/hardison, eliot/hardison/parker, er, eureka, evangeline williamson, fall out boy, fanfiction, fight club, flash gordon, flashpoint, friday night lights, fringe, general hospital, george o'malley, georgie jones, georgie/logan, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl, greek, harry potter, harry/ginny, hawaii five-o, heroes, hot in cleveland, house m.d., house/wilson, hugh laurie, in plain sight, ivan "pudge" rodriguez, jack/sawyer, jared padalecki, jason morgan, jason/sam, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jericho, john winchester, johnny zacchara, justified, kelly monaco, kick buttowski, kurt/puck, kyle xy, leverage, life with derek, logan hayes, lost, lucas/felicia, maddie/esteban, magglio ordonez, matt dallas, memphis beat, merlin, merlin/arthur, michael buble, miley cyrus, monk, moonlight, movies, music, natalia livingston, nate/jenny, nathan/hiro, nick/phyllis, nktob, one life to live, one tree hill, papa winchester, poetry, psych, pushing daisies, reading, reaper, robert lasardo, robert sean leonard, ron/hermione, ryan/taylor, sam mccall, sam winchester, samantha who, sanctuary, scooby doo, seth/ryan, slash, snow, soap operas, sonny/emily, sports, studio 60, suits, supernatural, t:tscc, tangeline, tattoos, taylor swift, ted king, television, terriers, the black donnellys, the middleman, the oc, the simpsons, the unusuals, the vampire diaries, thorsten kaye, todd manning, todd/evangeline, tommy donnelly, trevor st. john, ugly betty, watchmen, white collar, wizards of waverly place, writing, young and the restless, zach/kendall
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